A Revolution on Animals Token!

British Shorthair Cat (BSC) Token

Animal tokens should be created equal. As a team of British Shorthair Cat lovers, cats are so adorable and we love them so much. We believe that cats must be one of the pillars in memes token and that's why British Shorthair Cat (BSC) token was created. BSC would represent a stake of cat lovers in the crypto industry and it would have far more potential when we can unite all cat lovers.

British Shorthair Cat Token is NOT an experiment, it is a REVOLUTION, a revolution towards the crypto world, to tell everyone that Crypto should be fair, and we strive for the equality of animal tokens.

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BSC Ecosystem

Not just another Animal token, BSC team is working hard on cat loving projects .

Please join the discussion on how we can make BSC Ecosystem better!

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Here the Revolution Begins

The Token

The British Shorthair Cat Token is where the animal tokens revolution begins. It takes the symbol BSC, kudos to the Binance Smart Chain, where the cute BSC is deployed on.
Some Key Facts about the BSC Token:

  • Token Standard: BEP-20
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Contract Address: 0xef82821193c319befd532cccbc224de7cb8cf2c1
  • Exchange: Pancake Swap
  • Total Supply: 1,000,000 billion BSC
    • 500,000 billion BSC was deployed in Pancake Swap
    • 250,000 billion BSC will be used for BSC promotion
    • 125,000 billion BSC was burnt after the strong community support
    • 125,000 billion BSC will be reserved for future purposes

Early Cat Lover Promotion!

Our early cat lover promotion has ended with the overwhelming support from cat lovers! Please refer to our social media site for further details. BUY BSC via Pancake Swap NOW!